Who is Newmany?


Chris Newman, better known as Newmany, is a creative thinker from south-east London, UK. He was born and raised in Greenwich, before setting off for Cornwall to study BA Creative Advertising at Falmouth University. With a First-class honours degree under his belt, Newmany decided to use his skills to create helpful and meaningful content in a bid to help others.

While watching a documentary on food waste, Newmany was struck by the amount of perfectly good food that is wasted daily; food that could feed the hungry and homeless. It was from that point that he decided to pursue the cause in reducing food waste, and redirecting it to those who need it.  Newmany now spends time satisfying his own creative hunger – illustrating topics of food health and food waste, to stimulate your mind.

He also loves tending to his garden, very much so.