Introducing – The Perfectly Wonky Carrot

Greetings one and all. It’s been a tad bit quiet here on the Newmany blog front. However, I have been working tenaciously in the background on something quite exciting; something quite…wonky.

I’m pleased to present to you my debut children’s picture book ‘The Perfectly Wonky Carrot’!

Available from the 8th of December now, the book was written in response to the amount of food we waste at harvest, retail and consumption levels.🍴

Over one third of food grown globally is lost or wasted for various reasons every year; my book focuses on the strict cosmetic standards supermarkets and retailers put on farmers to produce perfectly-looking crops. Anything that isn’t perfect gets rejected, and left to waste, even though there is nothing wrong with them. Crazy, right?! 😤

Presenting Tap Carrotsworth! – the laid-back carrot with a radiant smile, who is here to prove there is nothing wrong with being wonky. This won’t be no easy task, however – the journey is full of challenges that would make even the meanest of beans whimper in fear! 😲


Can Tap pull it off? Find out soon. 🍀

You can purchase the digital book on Amazon today

– 📖 available on the Kindle Fire, and Android, iOS and windows via the Kindle app.

5% of all sales goes towards food waste and hunger charities here in the UK. 💚

With thanks to everyone for their awesome support throughout the creation and publication of the book. Click here for more information on the book, and it’s supporters.

A is for…

Ah, the apple. One of the most symbolic fruits in the world,  and first on our list.

 Fact bite –

 The apple is a fruit produced by Malus pumila, or the apple tree to you and me, and is usually round in shape, with a sweet taste. The apple originated from the wild forests of central Asia around 4000 years ago, but didn’t taste anything like the scrummy-tasting treat we know of today.

Today, apples are used for eating, in cooking, and in both non-alcoholic and alcoholic (hic!) cider production. There is over a staggering 7,000 varieties of apple are grown throughout the world, but Just 10 varieties make up around 70% of the global production.

There’s a good chance you’ll find them in your local shops and supermarkets, with varieties such as the popular Gala, Granny Smith, and Jazz apples appearing in the top 10. Popular varieties discovered and grown here in the UK are Cox’s, Russet and Bramleys. 

China is the leading producer of apples, growing around half the global production, with the US coming in a far-flung second at around 10% .

 Health bite –

 Other than being refreshing and flavoursome, apples are a good choice in a healthy diet. Apples are around 80% water, with around 10% being carbohydrate and around a 4% mix of vitamins and minerals.

They are also a good source of vitamin C, which helps heal the body, and potassium, which keeps your heart beating strong. An apple’s low calorie count and high fiber makes them great for staying fuller for longer, while keeping the weight off.

Apples also contain several antioxidants that help keep nasty illnesses and diseases at bay. Wash your apples before consuming!

 Did you know?

  • Apple seeds contain cyanide – a choice poison in the plot of murder mysteries! However, the amount in the seeds isn’t remotely close enough to do any serious damage. It’s still better to remove them, though.
  •  Throwing an apple to a women in ancient Greece was considered a marriage proposal. If she caught it, she accepted!
  •  It was believed that apples could bring everlasting youth in Celtic mythology, and golden apples bestowed immortality in Greek and Nordic mythology.
  •  Malusdomesticaphobia is the fear of apples.


Coming up next, the avocado.

Welcome to

Hello, good evening, and welcome to the first instalment of what promises to be a fresh look in to the wonderful world of fruit and vegetables. Over the next few months, you can expect a flavourful selection of nutritional content, freshly picked, and for you to feast upon.

To start things off, here’s the A-Z of fruit & veg – an informative look at the facts and history, as well as the health benefits consuming fruit and vegetables bring.

Our first pick is apple, which you can find on the next post.



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