The Perfectly Wonky Carrot – Hardback 1st Edition


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It’s what’s inside that counts!

Something strange has appeared in the fruit & veg aisle – something quite wonky. The other perfect-looking fruit and veg can’t believe it.

“How odd-looking…he doesn’t belong here!”

Tap Carrotsworth, the laid-back carrot with a radiant smile, isn’t fazed. After hearing about a beauty contest, Tap immediately enters and is thrilled to show there’s nothing wrong with looking different. But it’s not as straightforward: Tap must first prove himself and face the peculiar tests of Beatrice – the small but mighty blueberry queen before he may enter the show. Even if he wins the acceptance of the queen, can Tap go on to convince them all to see beyond his odd looks?

An inspiring story of embracing our differences, Tap’s inner confidence and positive outlook will reinforce your sense of personal power and self esteem in this triumphant tale. The first in a series that focuses on mental and emotional health in young people as well as how to look after our environment by reducing our food waste, ‘The Perfectly Wonky Carrot’ will surely make the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for any child.

Aimed at children ages 5 – 11, with plenty for big kids to enjoy too!


Each book is a nourishing mix of:

– An uplifting story full of wonderful rhyme and adventure: creatively written in verse with a dyslexia-friendly font typeface.

– Important life lessons: learning about equality, inner-confidence, and sustainability, The Perfectly Wonky Carrot will encourage a greater perspective in life, time and time again.

– Hilarious illustrations and eye-popping colour on every page, with references for kids and adults.

– A food waste fact section: Each story comes with a fact section at the back of the book. Learn what food waste is, the causes, and what we can do to help reduce its impact on us and the environment.

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