The Perfectly Wonky Carrot – Book design, Copywriting, and Publication

Shocked by the amount of perfectly good food that was wasted due to the way it looked, I created an educational picture book for children to help highlight the strict cosmetic standards placed on farmers by supermarkets and the government while teaching them more sustainable habits.

Solution – The Perfectly Wonky Carrot is a 40-page hardback book written in verse and bursting with colour. It highlights the problems that come from the standard and from wasting food and encourages children to value food for its nutrition and not it’ appearance. It also promotes positive self-esteem and body image. I wrote, edited, illustrated, and published it.

This was a long, self-initiated project where I learned a lot and played the majority of roles (I worked alongside a proof-reading professional for the text) of which went from concept to full publication in one year. 500 copies were printed using a British printing house. You can find copies in local schools and libraries where I ran food waste talks for school children years 3 and 4.

More info and a pdf of the book can be found here

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