Sierung Autoparts – Brand and Packaging Design

German high-performance and custom car parts manufacturer Sierung wanted some slick identity and packaging for their aftermarket products. They wanted something that echoed the old illustrated styles of car manuals, such as Haynes and technical blueprint diagrams, but more simple and sleek.

The result was a highly recognisable packaging style with hand-drawn graphics of each product printed onto the packaging. The logo font style takes inspiration from the pipework found in cars, with an Ü umlaut added to represent the headlights of a car. Both the Blue and yellow are Pantone spot colours.

Each part is primarily recognised by its yellow part number, which begins either as SE (Sierung engine), SB (Sierung body), SD (Sierung drivetrain) etc. A more detailed description and barcode can be found on a sticker on the side of the packaging.

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