Billboard ad – Regal Airways

To celebrate their three-year title as best in the business, British airline Regal Airways wanted to create a billboard ad that was as grand as their achievement.

Keeping to the airline’s trademark purple brand colours, this bold, copy-driven advert proudly promotes Regal Airways’ achievement with volume; ensuring those who enter the airport on a Regal flight that they are in safe hands, and allow for contemplation for those who aren’t!

Starting at the top centre, a recently departed plane flies over a countryside scene and over the beginning of the copy. The eye is then drawn down the text, which highlights the airline’s achievements through a question.  The answer lays below this in the form of the airline’s logo. A man and his son can also be seen on the roadside at the bottom-left of the advert, looking up through binoculars at the vast size of the copy and the achievement.

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