Cuttle Prints – Luxury wrapping paper

Cuttle Prints is a personal business run by myself and best friend Daniel Edwards. Growing up and studying art together, we instantly forged a lasting friendship that has helped inspire our creativity and ability as artists to develop into something truly wonderful and original.

Our goal is to create uplifting, bright, and thoughtful pieces of print and design that have a distinctive, complementary look for your gifts. Each print and design is attentively drawn, each line and colour carefully chosen and placed with the utmost attention.

Our values are deep-rooted in sustainability and we believe good design shouldn’t cost the earth. We use paper-based materials that are recycled and recyclable, and avoid using plastics, even in packaging and delivery.

We have sold our wraps to different countries around the world from our small studio in southeast London. Our story has just begun, however, but we look forward to giving the very best quality and value through Cuttle Prints.

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