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Looking for an experienced graphic designer that can be the visual voice of your brand? Look no further! –

Here are a few top reasons on how I can benefit your team:

Professional and knowledgeable

Access to several year’s experience working in digital and print graphic design, paired with helpful, friendly and responsive communication.

Caring and Committed

I’m a relationship-building kind of guy, so you can expect I’ll stick around while I get to know you and your brand better.

Competitively Priced

My rates vary from project to project, and I may charge by the hour or the day. Either way, the price won’t break the bank.

SEO and Marketing

Keyword-rich copywriting, and organic-boosting tips and tricks to increase search hits and conversion rate.

Flexible working hours

Based in London, UK, I can visit you on-site in the city, or work remotely, with urgent, time-sensitive jobs welcomed.

Strategy and Planning

Great graphics need a great strategy behind them to be fully effective. I can help create a visual road-map and plan for you to follow.

Branding Collateral

Your visual and written identity; helping you stand out from the crowd. Promote your brand or business to the world with consistent, original branding.

Poster / Flyer Design

Whether online or on the street, a great poster is able to convey its message quickly and clearly in the short amount of time it is viewed in.
Text and graphics-heavy layouts, informative copy and call-to-actions help guide the viewer to making a split-second decision.

Book and Publication Design

Have lots to say about your business? Or perhaps you’re a budding author who needs their book cover designed for?
Whatever the size of the project, I can create eye-catching publications that tell your story however you like it.

Digital graphics and illustration

With so much visual content donating the market, you need something extra that helps you stand out. Graphics and illustration can bring the most mundane of subject to life with character and personality; adding emotional depth for the customer to be inspired by.

Photo Editing

Don’t let technically-off photos ruin your day! There’s plenty of ways to improve your photos in post production.

Whether it’s exposure or colour correction, adding or removing subjects, or general photo manipulation, I can correct your photographic problems quickly.

Here’s what one of my clients has to say…

“Chris was easy to work with from the very start. He listens to our needs and delivers our content and materials quickly and to a high standard.

He is quick to get hold of and was flexible with his time to our recent short deadline turnaround. I look forward to working with Chris again!”

Gulen Petty – Head of Fundraising at 999 Club

Still not sure? No problem, you can view my portfolio here, or drop me a message at

I look forward to hearing from you!

Chris Newman – Lead Graphic Designer at Newmany

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