What is Edication?

Many young children do not know where their food comes from. Research shows the following –

“A study has found that a fifth of British children have no idea that apples grow on trees.”
– BBC News

“Almost a third of UK primary pupils think cheese is made from plants and a quarter think fish fingers come from chicken or pigs, suggests a survey.”
– BBC News

“More than half of kids don’t eat a single portion of vegetables a day, according to Newsround’s food survey.”
– Express

This lack of food knowledge has led to poor diets, which is linked to obesity, low energy, and other serious health issues. Introducing: Edication.


What does Edication provide?

Visiting schools that sign up to the workshops, Edication provides a multi-level learning experience for pupils of years 3 or 4.  The one day workshop which includes talks and lessons, practical, hands-on growing, and storytime that will help ensure children begin to understand and engage more with their food and food choices.

A typical day would run like this –

Morning: What, where and whys of fruit and vegetables. Talks and discussions

Lunch time: practical planting of seeds / grow their own food + fun competition

Afternoon: story time with takeaways to complete at home.


What will pupils get out of the workshop?

  • Pupils will learn about the most common and cultural fruit and vegetables that can buy, grow and eat. They will understand the lifecycle, seasonal impact, health benefits of fruit and veg, plus much more.
  • Pupils will get to sow and grow their own carrots. Here they can engage with the soil and planting process, sow their own carrots, and witness the growing of their plants. Pupils have the chance to fill up their planters with soil themselves.
  • After the project, children and parents will have gained an educational boost by better understanding about fruit and vegetables.
  • Each school will have gained a collection of grow bags complete with a selection of children’s tools, and some easy grow worksheets to continue growing throughout the rest of the season.


Why am I qualified for this role?

I am a qualified and professional gardener who trained at Capel Manor College in Regent’s Park and someone who enjoys growing fruit, veg and plants, with in-depth knowledge of growing and caring for plants.

I grew up on a poor diet myself, and have experienced the problems that come from it. Now I am more aware of the food I eat; eating more healthily,  I can feel and see the benefits. It’s these benefits and experiences that strengthen the teaching.

I am the author of a children’s picture book called “The Perfectly Wonky Carrot” which helps teach children and parents about eating sustainably and avoiding waste.

Finally, I have a first-class degree in creative advertising and communications – ensuring the workshop’s message is told clearly, creatively and to a high standard.


How is Edication funded?

Currently, Edication is funded through grants provided by organisations.


How do I get Edication at my school?

You can email me at info@newmany.co.uk with the subject: Edication at my school. If you could include the name of the school, location, your name and details and I’ll be in contact. With permission and funding secured, Edication could be at your child’s school!

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